About Us

ProjectWare, based in California has been focusing for over 20 years on products and  IT implementations in the areas of enterprise project management, business process automation,  business intelligence, big data and cutting edge data security technologies.

Our customers include Government as well as large and small business enterprises. We installed our first enterprise project management groupware solution in 1995 at the California Department of Veteran Affairs followed with automating projects and project integration at the City of Oakland. Our Fortune 100 customers have included companies like Cisco, Genentech, HP etc where we implemented numerous business process automation solutions. We also support and work with a number of smaller high tech start-ups in Silicon Valley.

Our products include ProjectWare Dashboard a cloud based software tool for collaborative project management, team & task scheduling, documents and issue management, cost and time management. It allows teams to rapidly automate business processes within and beyond the enterprise. See http://www.projectware.com/intro.pdf

We partner with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Amazon, Rackspace  etc. integrating our solution to their products.


IBM Innovation Center – Silicon Valley

“As an IBM business partner since around 2005 ProjectWare has benefited extensively from the workshops, presentations and training boot camps organized by the Innovation center.


“We have successfully tested Red Hat 7.1 LE on POWER8) with our product. IBM PowerLinux offers high performance, a key requirement for scaling our applications over large number of users and for scalable cloud deployment.


As a member of HP team winning 2009 Edelman award for management science and operations research. We assisted HP implement key optimization algorithms developed by HP Labs. Solution helped HP save over $500 Million through product portfolio optimization. http://pubsonline.informs.org/doi/abs/10.1287/inte.1090.0476